Anyone can become a LAR Coach as long as they demonstrate a level of competency that enables them to complete the NCFE accreditation. What is most important is the passion you feel for helping people.

Your background

LAR Coaches can be counsellors, psychologists, hypnotherapists, medics, psychiatric nurses, school nurses, company medics, nurses, NLP practitioners and other, similar specialists from across the health care and wellbeing professions. Coaches are individuals or organisations that provide support for a variety of conditions or those who specialise in stress and anxiety elimination.

LAR Coaches can also be ex-Linden Method clients or other non-appropriately qualified individuals who have a passion for helping people using the system that has helped over 200,000 people to recover.

What our applicants have in common is a strong desire to help anxiety sufferers to recover using a proven program that does what no one else claims to do – cure high anxiety conditions.

LAR Coaches will have first or second hand knowledge of high anxiety conditions. We provide all the training you will need to become a confident and professional anxiety elimination specialist.

Your skills

You will be someone who cares deeply about helping people to achieve their goals and helping anxiety sufferers to release their potential, free of high anxiety. The program provides structured, fast relief from the conditions and it will be your role to assist your client to understand and implement a simple structure and routine so communication skills are essential.

So if you are empathetic and have an overwhelming desire to join a revolution in the elimination of the pandemic of high anxiety conditions in which we find ourselves, becoming a LAR Coach is for you.

Your chance to shine

LAR Coaching accreditation provides ex anxiety sufferers with the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the anxious community and pass on the essential life skills that LAR teaches in order to maximise the sufferers real potential after recovery. There is NOTHING more rewarding.

“You will be working with a team who, for the last 13 years, has positively affected the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world; people who now have active fulfilling lives. We cure people and we do it efficiently and at an affordable cost.” Charles Linden


If you have what it takes to change lives, please call us on +44 1562 742004