We have thousands of testimonials going back over 17 years and posting all of them would be impossible and overwhelming, so here are a selection.

These haven’t been chosen for their content, they have all been randomly selected to demonstrate a sample across ages, gender and location as well as conditions suffered, time suffered and severity.



Sarahs Portrait

“Hi everyone! My life was 360 degrees changed after implementing Charles Linden Method of Panic and Anxiety attacks relief. This method is 100% medicine free which created the urge for me to tell about this to everyone suffering from the same conditions I did.”

Sarah J

Janes Portrait

“All the measures and therapies in this particular method are very straightforward unlike the other techniques and cures for anxiety available these days. Last but not the least, the method not only provides cure, but furthermore provides free advice whenever needed as in case of psychological issues.”

Jane L

Nellies Portrait

“Linden’s method is both sensible and logical, as well as working for anyone possessing a human mind! We all have a brain – teaching it to think differently is a task we can all achieve. If you suffer from anxiety or depression and are considering the Linden Method, I would recommend you consider no longer and give it a try.”

Nellie Ford

Chris's Portrait

“I have done a lot of research into the causes and treatment of panic attacks and I can say from experience that the techniques taugh by Charles Linden are widely accepted and very effective in curing panic attacks and all kinds of anxiety disorders. Perhaps the greatest advantage of The Linden Method is the fact that the techniques are not difficult or scary, but rather easy and pleasant to implement..this method is not about “facing your fears”, in fact it is the exact opposite.”

Chris R

Suzannes Portrait

“After I have bought this system and used it, my Anxiety Attacks were gone. The result was so drastic that I was able to regain my life back. I felt as if my life became clear, a major block had been removed from my life and started to enjoy with my life with my kids again. I was not living in fear anymore.”

Suzanne Rife

Mark's Portrait

When my problems started around 2001, I thought I might have a physical illness. It was only after a series of tests proved clear, that I considered the root of my problems could possibly be in the mind. After suggesting this possibility to my Doctor, he put me on Seroxat, which at first seemed OK as I could blame any symptoms on the expected side effects. Anyway, I eventually tapered myself off the Seroxat (an option my Doctor gave me), but a year later, was back on them again – and the side-effects were worse still. So I decided to look at other options.

After my enquiry, my GP referred me for an assessment at De La Pole Hospital – which was most bizarre. I had to wait around 6 months, and then at the appointment with two mental health professionals(?) I began to wonder if they were the ones in need of help – but that’s another story. Anyway, after an hour, they agreed that I would probably benefit from some CBT, but the NHS waiting time was unpredictable, as there was just one individual conducting the therapy! So they suggested that I might want to try books, the Internet, or even go private. The latter didn’t seem such a good idea at the time as my ‘condition’ had rendered me unable to earn a living at that time.

So being rather Internet savvy (I had been providing Internet hosting services etc. since ’98) I eventually explored the Internet – and then thankfully purchased your package ‘The Linden Method’. Just on being able to relate to the similarities of your experiences, helped me from day one. And as a result, I didn’t rush through the the book etc., as it was there for when I needed a little more – and it remains ‘there’ in the even of any emergencies/relapses – and just that knowledge alone really helps too.

Interestingly enough, after being diagnosed as needing some help, I got an appointment through – two years after the assessment! So having waited so long, and although I thought I was now in control and almost back to normal, that I would keep with the appointment, and get an outside opinion / assessment.

I had been appointed to see a ‘High’ something or other therapist, as I had been assessed as being in the ‘severe’ category!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, the nice young(ish) lady said that she assented me as no longer needing her services, but as she was still in training for these new posts, she asked me if she could induce some anxiety (I had been suffering with HAD) and explore dealing with it?! So with a smile, I told the crazy lady that I had no intention of undoing the repair work just for her experimentation! I also told her about The Linden Method – which she promptly Googled.

Anyway, she summarized that all was good, and that she agreed with the methods used (not that I needed any convincing), some of which she recognized as similar in her ongoing training. She concluded by saying that if I ever needed to make an appointment to see her – then I would not have to wait any amount of time.

I think that must have been a couple of years ago now.

1 year ago, I quit smoking for good (with a little assistance for 2 months with an e-cig – and the knowledge that I could bring about positive change), and with no desire to ever smoke again. And I’ve also decided to quit alcohol too! Well in for a pound, and one step at a time.

I addition to a number of things, I’ve been a paranormal investigator (utilizing a lot of technology) for many years – and now, at last, I’m beginning to spend more time not only with the research – but also with the ‘people’ and media side of things – including giving talks and lectures again, etc.

Also the music is back in game, such as the live gig mentioned earlier. I also have a single still being sold in Europe, which I’m led to believe is popular on the dance floors – so I aim to record some new material, and have just started adding to my arsenal of music equipment for the first time in years!

Mark Elvidge – TV personality and Musician
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I wish to thank Charles Linden for his program, which I have purchased and now feel like I can continue with my life, without any anxiety problems. I have weaned myself off my anti-depressants over a period of six months and have now been anxiety free for two months! THANK YOU!

Leana P.

Juliet's Portrait

“I have purchased your method and it has changed my life. I thank you.
Before I purchased your method I had been in a living hell for eight years and like yourself knew all the medication was not helping. In fact, it only made things worse or it made me feel like a trapped, sedated mess.
The freedom and joy to have my life back and not fear I would harm myself or hurt my family any more emotionally is priceless.
I thank you from my heart of hearts for the work you and your team have done to support me when I started. The honest, open but specific advice worked every time. I have recommended your program to my specialist and am pushing for them to use it (and my GP) and will continue.
I am, like you say, a strong woman and I feel so commited to helping anyone else who is in the same situation as myself and you to have the chance to use your program. The medical profession need to open their eyes and ears and understand the importance of your program. Thank you again.”

Juliet J.

“I wanted to say to the support team and Charles, thank you for everything. now a days is like one big blurred memory. I love all of you and god bless every one of you. I have the greatest feeling of safety every day and life is so beautiful.”

Alan P.

Rey's Portrait

“Charles! I’m cured.. I’m moving out to London soon.. I’m so emotional right now cus you got me out of hell! I owe my life to you! May god bless you for what you do cus you’re saving lives.
Right now I feel more stronger than anyone, even my own father, and willing to overcome anything in life with a passion to move forward. My family don’t know what’s hit me lol. I passed my cemap course 1, 2 and 3.. after using The Linden Method I gained inner space to concentrate on my studies and pass. Right now, I’m much more stronger then my peers and I’m currently waiting to be a mortgage advisor at 23 years old only and I found my self a new girlfriend , a Russian hot 10/10.. great personality and im over the bereavement I suffered too at 19… when I got cheated on… how amazing is that! I love you Charles. Seriously.. you are a living legend I wish I can ever meet you personally to thank you and extend my appreciation cus I feel as if you saved my life!”

Rey O.
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Isabelle's Portrait

“Hello everyone,
To anyone out there losing hope. Do not fear. Easier said than done I know. The Linden Method has made me more self-confident, less anxious, and a much more compassionate person. These anxiety disorders are a blessing in disguise.
This is from someone who is still doing The Linden Method. I have been for a year now and have seen some mighty improvement. Thank you Charles.”

Isabelle R.
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“Hey everyone I have been using the method for a year and a half now, and I have to say my life has changed so much. I owe it to Charles to let everyone on here know that if you are feeling hopeless, and discouraged KEEP GOING no matter how bad you feel the rewards are endless. I am a recovered agrophobic who never could leave town on road trips, go to clubs or bars, and near the worst times could not even hardly leave the house. After 3 months of using the method I moved to a new town, got a new job, and was traveling by car everywhere I possibly could. In febuary I gave myself a challenge and got on a plane and flew to mexico with my wife from Canada. I now have a 2 month old baby girl (thank you mexico) lol, and life has never been better! For everyone out there who has lost hope keep working on it you will get there! great to see everyone so positive on here that’s awesome!”

B. J. P.
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You have a great gift from God in helping people my friend, keep up the good work! And to all who may be curious or skeptical on whether or not this works, it really does! It may be a rustrating road not getting results right away like I experienced, but stick with the plan and everything will be even better than you were before the anxiety!
God Bless!”

Brad H.
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Viney's Portrait

“I have to admit, im getting a lot better and im finding that im a better person then I was before my anxiety started, so it looks like Charles’ method can help you in all ways, you’ve got to put your trust in Charles and listen to everything he says and writes and believe him, sometimes you feel like its not working, but it is, you’ve got to have the desire in yourself to want to get better, I had anxiety for a year and a half, and just kept researching my condition, I was going round in circles….. until I found The Linden Method, I’ve never felt so much better in a matter of a few weeks…..

Charles Linden is one man I probably remember for the rest of my life, I know I should forget about him because his name reminds me of my anxiety, but now my anxiety is getting weaker and weaker, I to would like to meet him and shake his hand, this man is a life saver, he’s done more for me then all the doctors I’ve visited…. good work Charles!!!!”

Viney C.
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Jennifer's Portrait

“It’s amazing how much more relaxed I feel about the upcoming birth of my twins after doing the method. I’m actually looking forward to this big hectic change in my life rather than frightened! I’m so thankful I came across The Linden Method after having my first child and years of unexplained anxiety, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I still thank you Charles!”

Jennifer M.
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Danejla's Portrait

“Hello Charles! I just want to say thanks because your book was like light at the end of the tunnel. I had agoraphobia for 6 years (attacks, anxiety), and I change over 20 psychologists and psychiatrists but they couldn`t help. Agoraphobia is still taboo in small countrys like Bosnia. I couldn`t belive that one book, one cd, one man, can make such a diferents. After 6 years, I`m OUT again, feel so good, like nothing ever happened, thanks to ur book. I wish you all best, and feel sorry coz I cant give u a hug, coz u done so much for me and people around me.”

Best regards,

Danejla K.
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Lisa's Portrait

“Lisa K. is spreading the word – this method works !!!! dont bother with all the other therapies out ther that promise to work and cost you a fortune…

Mr Linden you rock and thank god you shared your story and the things that helped you recover – just wished I had found the method 6 years ago I’d be a richer lady – spent thousands trying to find the answers !!!! :)”

Lisa K.

Elizabeth's Portrait

“Hi Charles, I bought the method about 18 months ago I tried to follow all your directions, right now i feel free of anxiety and panic attack. Thank you.”

Elizabeth P.

Caz's Portrait

“Hey! I just want to say ive been doing the linden method for 2 weeks and oh my god! The difference!

I was sat in the car today and had an attack and it just washed over me I would usually run a mile but i was calm and it went.

But im finding the beach intro hypnosis soo helpful i will be feeling awful and i wil stay there and it all goes im so happy! Ive had this anxiety attacks since age 11 and im now 26 and to the extent of up at 10pm till 5am one panic attack after another. Definitely helping me its fantastic x x x”

Caz P.
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Hayley's Portrait

“If you doubt this method works, check out further evidence in books such as ‘rewire the brain’ by John B Arden. Its all out there proving that changing behaviour by using diversion etc will instigate neuroplasticity to rewire the brain to produce non anxious behaviour and feelings.

It worked for me, and will for anyone if they believe it and follow the method. In fact it cannot fail. Believe this with all your heart. Let your brain heal itself, and get out of the way!”

Hayley S.
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Jacob's Portrait

“Charles method says that anxiety disorder is simply a normal human emotion triggered innappropriately. This is a very accurate description of what anxiety disorder is as far as we can tell.

Dont believe the heavy propaganda ‘professionals’ tell you regarding anxiety disorder being caused by ‘brain disease’, ‘chemical imbalance’ etc.

Contrary to what the mental health experts parrot there is still NO demonstrable biochemical evidence which proves such a “disorder” exists.

Anxiety disorder cannot be found on a dead persons brain. Any mental health expert who tells you otherwise is lying.

If your studying pathology like me you will find that anxiety disorder is nowhere to be found in the standard textbooks of pathology (it cannot meet the nosological criteria of disease classification).

There is so much junk science being thrown around everywhere Im not sure whether to laugh or cry. Please people before you bring your biases, pet beliefs, give Charles a chance, he’s genuine.

He has what most of these mental health peddlers don’t have which is first hand experience!! Remember, real world experience trumps even the most complex concepts and ideas.

Ultimately ideas have to be tested in the real world to be validated. Im sure many of you have tried these anxiety therapies, CBT, psycotheraphy etc and failed miserably go on take a chance with this method. It worked for me.”

Jacob S.
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Robert's Portrait

“Just a note to anyone thinking of buying this product – It does work! I am 95% there now and the only reason am not 100% is because ive contiued to drink a few on the weekend and have got a couple of phobias to deal with which i picked up with the anxiety!

I had all the symptoms including chronic muscle pain – racing heart, horrid thoughts, OCD, i was too scared to talk to anyone.

I’d read every book, vistied every therapist and this method is the best. I never got a correct diagonis until I got the Linden method it all made sense afterwards. The support staff are very nice too – buy it – you wont regret it!”

Robert K.
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“I just wanted to thank you personally, Charles, for your method! I stumbled across this on the internet a couple of years ago, and didn’t go ahead with it – I wish I had. I would have saved lots of money and heartache! I never thought I’d feel OK again, I thought my life would always be a struggle due to anxiety and OCD. After only 5 weeks I have my life back.”

Gill H.

“I owe my life to Charles linden … he was like an angel that came in to my life and made me believe that I can get rid of my anxiety. I love this man with all my heart .. he is saving lives! he is blessed by god .. he is simply blessed ”


“I just wanted to email you and say thank you so much for your book, it has changed my life. I would have never had this feeling without your help. It’s not over, but I know it will be. I have set so many new goals and want to help people and meet people now. I just can’t thank you enough!”

Zach M.

“Just wanna say a quick thanks… You’ve made sense of it all now and I’m working with your pack every day. It all seems to be going well and I’ve started getting back into everyday life – even going swimming now. Worth every penny. Thanks Charles… The world’s a better place with people like you. I know your method can and will help 1000s of other people.”

Richard S.

Julie's Portrait

“I just wanted to say how very grateful I am to your programme. I found it during a time of suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks. The programme turned me around so quickly, not a single panic attack since, and that was 4 years ago. I know I’ll never have another. Thank you so much.”

Julie G.

“God Bless you, for you already have changed my life over 5 years ago! I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me! I know your method works because I’m set free by it! You are a gift from God and I thank Him for you all of the time! THANK YOU.”

Bill S.

Angela's Portrait

“Received my ‘Linden’ package; already much impressed! I have gone from not wanting to leave the house to going to an hours appointment at the hairdressers. I took a book with me and realised that I was breathing properly, felt ‘normal’ and calm and even enjoyed a cup of coffee. The weeks prior to this I would bolt in, have my hair trimmed, and bolt out again, in fear of panicking. So yes, something has ‘clicked’.

After having anxiety attacks since childhood (I have just turned 60) this is miraculous to say the least. I have just retired from working in a Doctor’s surgery. In fact, in a job like mine, it very easy to imagine you have every illness in the book, not the best place for anxiety sufferer to work and yet I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

I have just started the nine pillars. I thought they might be complicated but in fact it is simple and make perfect sense, because I was dwelling on my sensations which were horrific all day long, but not any more. From now on I will not mention the a….. word!

Thank you for the ‘method’.”


Angela K.

Robert's Portrait

“Dear Charles…

I ordered your program on the 15th of this month… I believe I received the e-book, and materials on the 16th…

Less than 24 hrs later…



In actuality…the process took but a few hours to digest, but I was cautious about saying that I was “repaired”!

Note: I used the term “repaired”…as an alternative to the word “cured”…as you had said I did not have a disease!


Have you ever heard of having a “soul mate”…or similar vocabulary as to your “persona” being the duplicate of another person somewhere in the World?

What is interesting is that it is alarmingly similar that…and do please note…I avoided using the words “fearful/scary”…

As my father in-law had always joked…

“It is like we went to different schools TOGETHER!”……

The analogy is the striking similarities of struggle in life’s challenges…and the “amazing” ability to “overcome” all adversaries!

I myself am a “non-medically” trained individual, not unlike yourself…

I found my “niche” in this world in the calling regarding “flight” and “aircraft”…

In my “hay-day”…some twenty-odd years past I was considered the “doctor”…

As, if there was a problem that could not be reconciled…people would turn to me… Hence the “nickname” DOC…


You are the same…helping “others” where no one else does!

I never asked myself where I could myself get “extraordinary” powers from? And the answer was in “adrenalin”…the same “adrenalin” which got out of control and caused the anxiety and panic. I just wanted to say Thank You… Thank You… your wife Beth…and your entire support staff…

I can NEVER go back to where I was in “LIFE”… and do not take my successes lightly. Although I grasped your knowledge quickly I have continued to grow each hour of every day. The endless possibilities a NEW DAY brings…are excitement to one’s heart, mind, and soul…

God Bless…

Robert B.

Shirley's Portrait

“I am writing to thank you for writing “The Linden Method” and to tell you about the profound change it has made to my life.

Three and a half years ago I was having help from a Consultant Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Mental Health Nurse and my G.P. I was taking 10mg of Diazepam and 45mg of Zispin daily. In spite of the medication I felt dreadful. I woke early in the morning with a churning stomach. I had to get up right away and I trembled for half of the day. Because food made me feel ill I had developed a food phobia and often chose not to eat. My weight plummeted and my mouth was always dry. I was afraid to go out and I went nowhere, did nothing and had no friends. My husband and family were loving and kind and patient but perplexed and unable to help me. My mind teemed with worrying thoughts and I often thought about ending my life and thought about how I could do that. I had been in this state for a year.

When I saw the advert for “The Linden Method” I felt I was clutching at straws but sent off for the Introductory Video. I immediately felt I could relate to what you were saying as I had discovered myself that talking about my condition at the “Anxiety Meetings” made me feel worse, not better.

I embarked on following “The Linden Method” and gradually persuaded the Health Professionals that I could manage without them. I was told by the Consultant Psychiatrist that I would never be able to come off Diazepam because I wouldn’t be able to cope psychologically.

Gradually, my food phobia went and now I am back to eating with enjoyment, cooking and baking and having to watch my weight! I love our little garden and growing things from seed and am experimenting with growing some fruit and vegetables. When my husband had an operation I was able to get the bus to Tesco, do a big shop and get a taxi back by myself, and shopping holds no fears for me now. I read avidly and am writing my memoirs at the request of my grandchildren. I am able to go on holiday again and in August I went to Scotland by train with my husband – something I hadn’t been able to do for many years.

I was able to regain my Christian Faith, to rejoin the Methodist Church, to meet again old friends who welcomed me with open arms and to become absorbed in all the activities of a very busy, caring church. I now have the joy of a loving God at the center of my life.

I am now optimistic. I am busy and very happy and there are so many things I want to do I have difficulty fitting them all in.

Thank you to Fiona. I didn’t phone The Linden Center very often but when I did her calm, helpful and caring manner never failed to help me and just to know she was there kept me going.

So, once again, Charles, thank you! I hope my story and my appreciation will repay you in a small way for what you went through and for your hard work in helping others.”

Shirley S.

“I am extremely impressed with the Linden Center and its very simplistic, yet effective program. Having reviewed other methods available, this one surpasses the others!

My husband and I researched the Internet, newspapers, books, libraries, medical books and physicians to find some help, but nothing even comes close to the thought behind the Linden Method. In a matter of weeks, I observed my husband showing progress; and now several months into the Program, the change is remarkable and wonderful!

The “other” programs out there promised success, but it seemed to me that they were more interested in money, and not the well being of my husband or myself.

Being a nurse I was a little skeptical at first, but after educating myself on the actual program; I quickly changed my mind and felt more positive of the promises that the Program offered. I particularly enjoyed the video that Beth made. It really opened my eyes to what the Program really means and what commitment we must all make, to make this work.

There were times that my husband displayed anger over a situation or towards my response to a situation, but I have learned that I am correct in not supporting his old habits. Reinforce the good and dissolve the negative.

I do tell my husband on a daily basis how well he is doing… …and what gains he has made and that he should be proud of himself and what he has accomplished… …incredible!

Because of my background in conventional medicine: I was accustomed to fixing problems and concerns, by discussing, analyzing and then medicating. The Method makes much more sense! Why continue to “train your brain” to reinvent anxiety… …Why not erase that pathway and take the right road!!! Such and easy and sensible concept!

Very soon after initiation of the Program… …I could see my husband start to do things that brought joy, and cease doing things that were painful and unpleasant. It was so amazing to see the change happen before my very eyes!

I wholeheartedly agree 100% with the Linden Method. I have even grown from the Program and I do not have anxiety.

Thank you for offering such a wonderful uncomplicated, realistic program. It is such a joy to find people who really care that some one gets help; and not for the monetary gains.

Again, God Bless You all… for such a remarkable Program… …Glenn is Glenn again! What I mean by that is Glenn is better that he ever was… …so glad we found you, I do not know what we would have done!”

Joy S.

Daniela's Portrait

“I had suffered generalized anxiety for more than two years and I can tell that Charles’ Linden Method helped me when I thought nothing could help me. I took medications like Valium, Zoloft, Lexotan, Xanax which had no effect over my anxiety, except making me feel very dizzy every day. Now it has been one year since I gave up the medication and I feel OK again.”

Daniela S.

“Like most toddlers, Joe had separation anxiety when I went back to work part-time and he started nursery at a year old. It got really bad though after starting school. Before bedtime he’d complain of feeling ill. He’d invent illnesses, such as sore toes! I knew it was leading up to not wanting to go to school. I kept telling him school was important, but he also had fear of failure, thought he wasn’t as bright as other children, though actually he’s very bright.

Most mornings Joe clung to me at the school gates, almost tearing my clothes, screaming, and holding onto my legs.

I checked – he wasn’t bullied. Once in school, other than being a bit of a wallflower, he was fine.

A friend who’s a mental health practitioner said Joe had symptoms of anxiety. So, when Joe was 9½ we consulted a child psychologist, costing £80 a session. It made Joe more afraid. “Mummy, am I going mad?” he’d ask. After two sessions he said the lady scared him. We didn’t go back.

Our GP said it was anxiety, and that it would go. I tried Rescue Remedy, which helped a little with his sleep. We both went to yoga, which, again, helped a little.

Last summer, as Joe faced starting senior school, it got really bad. He’d wake four or five times a night with nightmares and panic attacks. He stopped eating much, saying he felt sick. He lost weight, got headaches and felt dizzy.

I looked up school phobia on the Internet and found The Linden Method, devised by Charles Linden, who’s conquered his own disabling anxiety. By coincidence a friend said that another friend who has agoraphobia had begun investigating the technique.

I called The Linden Method number, and they were just launching their junior program.

While waiting for their manual and audio CDs to arrive, a Linden therapist gave me some pointers over the phone. She explained that anxiety isn’t an illness, it’s a habit, and that giving Joe a hug when he got into a state might inadvertently encourage it. She encouraged me not to reward the anxiety with attention, but to listen to him, then divert his attention onto something he enjoyed: football tricks, painting, reading etc. I’d got into the habit of sitting on the sofa with Joe, hugging him, and saying ‘it will be okay.’

One of the packs CDs guides relaxation for children. Joe and I do that together, and both fall asleep! Joe really enjoys it. It enables him to switch off. We also listened to the panic attack eliminator together. Joe realized that before bed he’d psych himself up, scared of waking with a panic attack. Almost immediately those attacks stopped. What joy to wake at 8am and realize you’ve both slept all night! For the first few weeks I rang The Linden Method therapists several times a week for support – with the program you get a year’s phone and online support. That’s a lifeline.

The manual and CDs taught me about anxiety and coping strategies. With the kids CDs Joe listened to Charles Linden talking about his problem, and it silenced his demons. After realizing it’s fear of fear that’s the problem, it was like a lightbulb switching on.

We started the program in early August. Within three weeks we both knew it was working. When Joe started senior school in September he was apprehensive, like any 11-year-old, but no panic attacks. On the way to school he said ‘I’ll be okay Mum’. That was a first!

At his old school teachers said Joe needed more confidence. Now he’s the one putting his hand up in class, is keen to see friends after school, and attend the after school club. Before he’d escape straight home. He’s a different boy.

I used to feel I was a carer; now we have fun together.”

Natalie Smith

James' Portrait

“I thought I would write in as it has been a while now. The reason for my writing is to thank you all for the support you have provided me since I became a ‘methodite’ in August 08. At the time I know I was your worst customer and I dont need you to sugar coat it, I was ringing twice a day complaining that my condition had not improved vastly overnight.

With the benefit of time and even hindsight I can now honestly say my life has improved massively and it is down to the information your method provided. I soon became aware that the NHS are no great help with these conditions and that the only people in the world who can help and understand you are those who have been there themselves.

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and once again life is worth living. I have as good a social life as I have had in years, I am back in the gym, playing football twice a week, I am back in my stressful job and what is more I am managing and without any medication.

One of the key things your continued help and support allowed me to do was go through with my marriage in December 08 and for that I was and still am very grateful to you. The constant words of encouragement and the sheer explanation of my condition gave me an understanding of what was happening as well as a base to work from. I also feel, that with my darkest days behind me, I have become a much stronger person for my experience both physically and mentally and that hopefully this should not afflict me to the same degree ever again.

Thank you all so much and please do keep up the good work (the website is looking really good by the way and it is long overdue that you got some mainstram recognition!) You have the ability to change people’s lives and you continue to do that.”

James Hartley

P.S. In November you said that when I was felling better I should send you some wedding pictures. So please find enclosed a few along with a picture of myself in the Dominican Rainforest. The reason for this shot being that in the Method book it says your anxiety cannot and should not stop you going anywhere or doing anything. In light of how bad I was it shows what can be done.

Karin's Portrait

“I am a recent user of the Linden Method (indeed just started last week!) I was suffering from anxiety and panick attacks since last year, it got so disturbing I thought that even death was better, my thoughts drove me crazy and also these feelings which came with derealization and depersonalization. I then found the linden method as I was looking at videos on YouTube, about anxiety.

At first I was worried that it would not work, I was so negative and I did not want to spend my money (I was really bitter) but my friends checked it out and really wanted me to try this one, so I got the downloadable version. The effect it had was amazing! The panic attacks stopped immediately (I did not have one since then) and now after a week my anxiety is just like a faded shadow-still lingering but I have my life back in control, I enjoy going out and participating in fun activities! To all fellow sufferers I’d say – life is waaays to beautiful! Don’t waste another day and get the Linden Method! The money you spend on it is nothing compared to what you get out of it.

Thank you so much.”

Karin Regenass

Yvette's Portrait

“Thank you sooooooo much for putting together this program. I was very skeptical at first. But now I am a believer. After suffering severe and terrifying panic attacks after the birth of my second child I felt almost hopeless and crazy.

Even after the reassurance of friends and therapist I was still scared. But now… I am 98% panic free and it’s been less then a month. Even with PMS (which always made it worse) I am doing just fine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will tell everyone I know who has ever suffered… about you and your method.

Love and light,”

Yvette Johnson

Claire's Portrait

“When I came across the Linden Method, my panic attacks had reached a point where I could no longer get on buses or the tube and was actually too scared to leave the house to walk the 10 minutes from my halls to my lecture.

The Linden Method was like a lifeline to me and I can’t thank Charles enough for helping me put these awful panic attacks behind me. It is so true that no-one completely understands the trauma of a panic attack unless they have experienced it themselves, and to realize other people were experiencing the same things as me helped a great deal in itself, I knew I wasn’t completely mad!

Now 2 years later, I cannot remember the last time I had a full blown panic attack, something that I could never have imagined saying a few years ago.

Charles, thank you so much for giving me my life back! I hope many others find your method and escape the vicious circle of anxiety.

Many many thanks”

Claire Farmer

Sandra's Portrait

“Dear Charles,

I call you Charles because you are a friend, a very dear friend…

The most wonderful thing of all about The Linden Method was the knowledge that what was going on. SOMEBODY understood. Every treatment I had been offered over the years gave explanations to people who were worried about going to the supermarket or couldn’t cope with a job etc. None of them explained the weird and frightening thoughts I had experienced; thoughts I was, for so many years, afraid to relate to anybody in case they locked me up! I was locked in a desperate world!

I am better than I have been for many years, despite the fact that I still have a lot of problems, troubles, that I am now able to cope with in a different way.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never be able to thank you enough.”

Sandra T.

Lindsey's Portrait

“The Linden Method has improved my quality of life so much. Even before I had servere anxiety, it has made me realize how precious life is, and has opened me up to a new way of thinking and appreciating what I have got that I just took for granted before!

I have always been an anxious person, even as a child I developed a form of OCD which caused me great discomfort for some time, checking and repeating the same ritual over and over. But even I knew deep down it was only when I thought about it that it occurred and therefore I knew there was really nothing wrong with me. The Linden Method has confirmed this for me but it took ages for the habit to cease! Now it is a memory and nothing more.

I purchased the Linden Method a few months back, after a couple of months deciding if it was really worth the money as I had to stop working due to the anxiety, which really did get bad, it felt like I was in my own personal nightmare and my brain had been turned inside out! I did some really irrational things which included staying with a friend at 5 in the morning because I was scared the electric was going to run out and I would be alone in the dark!

The linden method seemed so refreshing after being prescribed Valium which helped me a great deal! and antidepressants which I did not touch! (St. Johns Wort was my alternative) I took to it like a duck to water! Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it!! I still do the visualization if I feel I need to but overall I’m improving all the time!

I even told my doctor I’d eliminated my anxiety and he was like, ‘But how?’ I told him to have a look at the website to find out! I just want to enlighten people of this amazing method because I have 100% faith in it and myself, which is all you need!

Thank you to Charles and the support staff!”

Lindsey Burton

“Hello Charles, and the rest of the patient and caring staff at the Linden Method. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all of the wonderful things that you and your staff at the Linden Center has done for me. About five years ago my anxiety started, and took control of my life. I was petrified, scared, and every doctor that I went and visited tried to put me on medication. I was so full of anxiety that I was scared to take the medication ( thank god ) so I went on feeling more alone, and as time went on my frustrations, my obsessions, and fears drove me insane. I kept thinking to myself that I was going to have a nervous breakdown if this never ended soon ( which i know now cant happen.) My relationship with my ex went down the drain, and I am happy for that because it was a miserable relationship anyway. As time went on I kept quitting my jobs, drinking heavily, and surrounding myself with alcohol and the party life until really the anxiety faded away. Well… that’s what I thought! It never went anywhere I just pushed it aside because I never wanted it to effect my party hard lifestyle. Years went by, and I was a full blown alcoholic! I got drunk almost four nights a week, and never worked! I borrowed money, stole money from my mother ( which I regret so much now ), and never cared about anything. I still got bits of anxiety but it was under control.

Then I met a new girl, and started to slowly sober up. After I kicked the booze binging habit those old feelings started to flood back! They were back more and more until I found that I was stuck inside the walls of my own town. I couldn’t travel outside my town or even enter certain parts of the town in fear that I would lose control and be too far from home ( like it mattered where i was really ). I started researching other anxiety sufferers blogs on the internet, and the more I read the worse it got. I remember reading a story on the internet about a guy who couldn’t leave the house. I then convinced myself this was going to happen to me. All I was doing was giving myself new symptoms that I never even had.

While searching for information on the internet one day I came across a video of The Linden Method on You Tube. After watching that video I felt so much better! I also felt the feelings of what if this guy is not for real, because if he has this easy answer why doesn’t the health care professionals who spend our tax dollars on medical research have these same answers. ( They sure have more money for research than Mr. Linden did when he discovered this.) I decided what the heck I have nothing else to lose, I have tried every other thing, and I was too scared to take medication so I may as well.

Within one week I felt a big change, but I did have a few weeks after where I slipped back into old habits, and decided the method would not work for me, really it was just me doing it to myself. I walked back into the method again, and again giving up hope a few times until it just clicked!! I remember waking up one morning for work, and thinking to myself “Wow I don’t feel scared” and then at that moment I wanted to stay that way so I remember living the the nine pillars in every aspect of my life. There were times where I felt terrified but the more I did the pillars and did what was asked of me the easier everything got! After three years of not leaving my home town, I went on a vacation 22 HOURS of traveling and driving to a family members house for a visit only two months after using the method pack! Was I scared? I sure was but once I left my “safety zone” I felt proud and I just wanted to keep going, and keep going. I have now been using the Linden Method for Three months roughly, and I am 90% better! I take new challenges that arise, I don’t let my anxiety hold me back, and I made myself a better partner, and person in life.

I recently just married the girl of my dreams. The same girl that i met when I was an alcoholic, and anxiety ridden mess. I continue to use the Linden Method Pack, and would suggest that anyone who suffers from Anxiety ” Please do it “! I suffered from scary thoughts, crippling anxiety, and worst of all I wasted so many years of my life on anxiety. If this e-mail makes it on a testimonial I beg anyone who is lucky enough to have found the Linden Method to do yourself a favor and get it now! Not Tomorrow! Now! I am now almost anxiety free, my life is back in my hands, and I no longer fight my anxiety. I control it! you can too!

Too Charles, and the rest of your staff! Thank you so much, and if there is anything I can to do spread the word ( which I am doing so much of in my home town ) please let me know.

Thank you again”


Tatjana's Portrait

Hi, Linden team!

I sent a mail about my sister (panic attacks) 2 months ago.

Last week I went to Bosnia,and I had a pleasure to share all the informations you’ve given to me. She said it helped her more than all the doctors that she visited in last 4 years. I hope I’ll get good news soon. I will inform you about changes in her life. I had improved my life, too. My anxiety has gone.

Life was cruel to all the Balcan people. It wouldn’t be bad idea to have Linden centers in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. There are lot of people you could help.

I visited many web-sites in order to help my sister,but.. you are the best, you are offering solution.. not stupid medicaments and bad advices. God bless you all!

Tatjana Arbutina-Mihajlovic

“After many years of suffering anxiety in every form possible, I came across the Linden Method. Needless to say, at this point, I was so desperate I would have paid what ever it took to get back to my ‘normal’ self and be grounded once again.

I purchased the Linden Method and started to study all of Charles Linden’s “holy grail” as I like to call it. At first I struggled, but was very determined. I knew all of what was written was so true and I think belief is the key also. You cannot doubt this method. You have got to believe it. So, after a good three months of practicing the method, I was well on my way to recovery. I had reprogrammed my amygdala and felt a lot better. The way I feel and think about things in life are so much different now. I’m calmer now than what I would class a non anxious person and cope much better in all circumstances life throws at me – all because of the Linden Method. It has also inspired me now to pursue a new career in Life Coaching, so all in all, the money I spent has paid itself back many times over! I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Charles for saving my life! Because that’s exactly what he has done! My hero…



“Had you told me three weeks ago that I would be driving to the shopping center with my daughter, playing in the park with my grandchildren and going for a chinese meal with my hubby… I would have thought you mad! Well that’s where I am and I can’t tell you how much I owe you Charles. You are an inspiration and an angel. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Margaret Beer

“The Linden Method was recommended to me by my psychologist who had given up I think. My anxiety, panic and OCD was out of control and my family were desperate. I joined The Linden Method and everything changed straight away. The sense of relief from reading Charles’ story was overwhelming and my panic attacks stopped immediately. Thank you so much Charles and The Linden Method team.”

Kendal Limbic

“Hi Charles,

Not sure if you will remember but I have have a few conversations with you in reference to my Fiancee Dean, we purchased your Charles Linden program a few months back and he is so much better I have not seen a symptom from him for at least 3 months now, he feels like a new per son…

I can’t thank you enough I just wish I purchased it sooner. I cant write in words how thankful I am to you, you are a very clever person to be able to achieve what you have and make all of those people cure there anxiety, I just wish I could re pay you in some way.

I hope you have a very happy life and thanks again.”

Love Sam

“Dear Linden Method Representative,

Greetings from South Carolina and the USA! My son purchased the Linden Method and since using the method, he has improved greatly, graduated from college this past May and is working in the area of Finance. We want to extend our sincere THANKS to Charles Linden.


Carolyn James

“I am not sure if you will actually receive this email or not but I wanted to say a massive thank you for creating the Linden Method. The pack is really well put together and so simple to use. I listened to the introduction cd and the interview and could really relate to your story. Not only that but I also spent half my life in Mallorca (as I am half Spanish) and I now live in Hull! I have struggled with anxiety for eighteen years and have seen everyone from Counselors to Psychotherapists and taken everything from Anafranil to Prozac. I am going to Corfu on Tuesday and am quite anxious about the flight but I already feel more equipped since starting the Method. I have listened to the panic eliminator cd and am contemplating crossing the Humber Bridge (I usually have a panic attack there) so that I can gain mastery over it. Many thanks.”

James Noguera


My name is Mark Johns and I just wanted to drop you a note to say how grateful I am that I discovered the Linden Method.

8 years ago I developed really extreme anxiety. I couldn’t leave my flat, I couldn’t face day to day situations, I had a permanent grimace on my face and things were very, very bad. Gradually I got better though but it took about 2 years and I never actually got to the bottom of how I had been feeling. My condition became something I couldn’t explain and I visited all kinds of practitioners looking for answers but got nowhere.

Forward-wind around 6 years to around 8 weeks ago and I was there again! The nightmare had re-awakened, the feelings were back but worse than ever. (I suffered 3 weeks in intensive care at my fathers bedside and a dear friend also died) I cried and cried for days. I was waking up in the morning to panic attacks. I was freezing cold, sweating, crying and generally appalled at what was happening in my mind. Nightmare.

So, I did some Googling and lo and behold came across the Linden Method website. This was only 6 weeks ago. I remember clearly fighting back the tears as I ordered the pack (not because of the price!) as I felt I had come to the end of the road. I can’t honestly rule out the admission of feeling suicidal. BUT I have a beautiful supportive wife and the most amazing 16 month old son. I stopped work and retreated to Devon (where my parents have a holiday home luckily) The next day the Linden pack arrived and I couldn’t believe it. Just reading the first page I could see that I wasn’t the only person in the Universe that felt like this. I cried a lot as I read the pages. So,I spent 9 days going through the nine pillars and using the visualizations. I could recount hundreds of situations related to panic and anxiety but I’ll shortcut that by simply saying that 5 weeks later, I am back to normal. In fact not back to normal but beyond that, way beyond that. The combination of understanding what the sensations were that I was feeling, the nine pillars, the visualizations and my amazing family have, well, completely changed my life. I am no longer frightened of anything.

So, thank you. Thanks for real, sensible, practical and well informed advice in the pack and also for the great coaching and counseling on the phone.”

Mark Johns, Wiltshire

“I purchased the Linden method online before Christmas and so far it’s been fantastic. I am so much better than I could have imagined.

Many many thanks Charles, you are a savior.”

Andrew Parks

“Ignore me if i’m talking rubbish but I really think the linden method should be prescribed by doctors instead of drugs or other books that don’t work, if my doctor had given me The Linden Method all those years ago I wouldn’t have missed out on so much of my life.

Owe you guys big time. Please let me know how I can contribute money to help spread the word. I am pretty positive that in the years to come more and more people will be coming out of the woodwork with OCD, I want to help, I owe it them. You saved my life.


Drew Corben

“Thank you so much. This method is pure genius. Kudos to Charles.”

John K

“To All:

I am shaking with delight as I type. I am so grateful to you Charles and everyone who is supporting you. I Finally have the ‘tools’ (and so does everyone else!) needed to rid myself of these horrible feelings that have taken enjoyment from my life. I feel better already!! I got through your book and now listening to the CDs!!! My first attack I believe was in 1992 when I wound up in the hospital. Thought I was having a nervous breakdown.

Well enough to know that I will never live as I did… in fear of fear. Exactly. You wrote/spoke it exactly how it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul and thank you from my family.

Thank you,”



Well, we went ahead and bought the Linden Method and hoped it would work.

I read the book and was convinced it would work and tried to convince my daughter it would too. After Emma telling me to buy the Method she seemed uninterested in using it so I had to put some initiatives in place for her to do so.

I have been amazed how fast she has improved. She read the book during school holidays and after fighting with her to go to school where her panic attacks were the most severe during the whole of the earlier term she has returned and during the last 3 weeks has missed only 2 days. The remainder of the time she has attended school full time and is also doing her home work.

I found it easier to get her to school because I knew if she had a panic attack she had a method to follow to get her through it. She hasn’t even texted me to come and get her! Of course the more she did her breathing the less the panic attacks have come and now she doesn’t have any. This is only after 3 weeks!

She is back playing netball, dancing hip-hop, and doing normal things a 15 year old does.

We are even planning next years studies at school after thinking she would have to leave.

The most amazing thing is that she didn’t even open the Tai Chi disc, hardly did the visualization exercises so didn’t even implement the whole of the method. The breathing seemed to do the trick.

I have been talking to my GP and he is amazed that she is back full time at school.

I was very impressed with the quickness you and your team answered my queries at the start. This very much helped me to have faith in your whole enterprise. It didn’t feel that you were there for the money only.

Thank you for helping me get my daughter back to where she should be.”

Jane Kelly

“Hey Charles I have been using the Linden Method for Three month’s, and it has completely changed my life. I was very withdrawn, and when I took your advice, and followed the pack it changed in almost one month. I was scared to leave my hometown, and after a month my wife, and I jumped in the car and drove 22 hours around Alberta sight seeing, and visiting relatives. It was amazing that I could have control again.”


“Dear everybody at the Linden Center,

I have learnt so much and knowing that I am not alone was probably the biggest help and of course all of you at the center (special thanks to Kathy).

The reason for writing is that I am actually Swiss (German speaking) and I just came across your new German website. Fantastic work! Should you ever need any help with translating something (an email from a German anxiety sufferer or anything else please let me know and I would be very grateful to help and translate.

All my love and also from Dylan (now 4.5 months)”


“Dear Jenny,

You and your colleagues deserve a Knighthood. The Linden Method has completely transformed our lives. The support you gave us by telephone included the most common sense, logical and supportive approach we have heard in 20 years. From the depths of our hearts, thank you”

Brenda and Oscar Regis


I am not one to share with perfect strangers my problems with anxiety/Agoraphobia but I feel like I owe it to myself, you and others to share my experience with this program.

I have suffered from Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia since I was a young child. By the time I was 21 I was completely house bound. This was back in the early eighties and there was not much known about panic and Agoraphobia and it was usually treated with Valium, Centrax, etc. I would go from doctor to doctor trying to find someone to help me but the usual response was for me to loose weight.

Now fast forward twenty something years and I’m in my middle 40’s and I am still alone fighting every day to be able to live as normal as possible.

I then ordered your program because one night late I typed into my computer ‘panic, anxiety’ and your web site came up. I followed it religiously and started applying the steps. The most helpful to me was the Panic CD which I played over and over again to instill in my head the points that you made. I have to tell you the greatest statement you made in your program that I constantly say over and over again when I get into “sticky” situations is: “Don’t accommodate your anxiety”. I didn’t realize how much I did this until I started paying attention.

Today I am take courses in a town 2 hours away from here. I have to drive alone in heavy traffic to get there which I do once every 7-10 days. I stay at school the whole day and when I leave I sometimes spend the night at my sister’s home or I go shopping. I have even went through a whole, crowed shopping mall, which I haven’t been able to do in over 25 years. I know I am not totally cured or will I ever be.

I have learned to accept the person I am and deal with my problems and keep going on. I learned that I am the only person who can help me and I have done this through your program. It is as simple as following your nine pillars and doing the relaxation cd and the panic cd and truly, truly believe what you say because it is true. I will not die or faint when I have an attack and I say to myself to “bring it on” and I deal with the anxiety and each time I deal with it it gets weaker and weaker. I consider myself 90% cured and I have you to thank for this and I just wanted you to know this and how much I appreciate your help. You are truly one of the ‘good guys'”


Name: Matt Riusech, Email: [withheld by Charles]

“Query: Hi. I don’t know where to send comments and thanks so ill send it through here. The Linden Method is really working and I had results straight away. Anyone I know of that has panic/anxiety immediately gets told about this method. I am living proof it works! It takes a while for new behavior to become instinctual but this method has a serious and permanent effect on behavior right from the start and I cant believe that there hasn’t been anything like this before. I’ve been surfing the web for answers and groveling for solutions for years and I’ve finally found it. My family doctor is very interested and I’m going to give him the website so he can look at it for himself. The thing is my doctor isn’t a bad guy, just misinformed. The way this method came about is the only way it could’ve happened, through experience and dealing with it WELL AND ALONE! I commend Charles on his bravery. Its just so hard to believe that, like I said, something like this hasn’t come along sooner. Its just so new that its mind boggling! And it works so well, the answers are so simple and, well its just amazing. If Charles every reads this (O: I want you to know that this method has no place to go but up and out over the hills and across the oceans. Something like this simply cannot be ignored! Rest assured, the word is getting out.”

Much Thanks

Matt. D

“Just wanted to thank you for your method. I developed anxiety three months ago and had become paralyzed by it. Literally days after listening to your tapes and reading the manual I felt much better. And now, a few weeks later, I have absolutely no anxiety at all. I can’t tell you have incredible it feels to be free of that feeling. Thank you so much!”

Dan Smith

“Thank you SO MUCH for the answers to my questions. I appreciate all of the help you have given me through the email, helping me to understand what anxiety is and that it can stop. Putting the method in book stores sounds like a wonderful idea to me, it could help thousands of other people to stop their anxiety and help them to lead normal lives once more. If there is any way that I can repay you for your kindness and help that is within my reach to give you I would like to know, because you have been so helpful and honest in your answers to my inquiries. Thank you again.”


“Dear Charles,

After stumbling upon your web site while searching for a more natural approach to relieving anxiety (I hate meds) I can’t tell you how much better I feel, and this just happened Monday of this week. I started to feel strange about six months ago, usually around my PMS time. I discussed this with my GP and of course she immediately wanted to medicate me, but only during my PMS, I was reluctant and told her I wanted to hold off. The last couple of months have be really hard because it seems to have intensified it self. About a week ago my GP suggested prozac again, I told her I wasn’t ready yet! After only getting to page 93 of your book I already feel a huge relief, (there hasn’t even been enough time for the CD’s to get to me yet) just knowing I’m not alone and all of these symptoms I have been feeling are all due to GAD. I was constantly taking my pulse and I thought I was such a weirdo because of it. After reading the typical symptoms (I experience most of them) and you saying they are all perfectly harmless was a major relief and I have never taken any medication, thank god!!. After reading your story and the other emails from people you have helped I have such a mild case of GAD compared to other people I almost feel ashamed writing this email but also grateful my anxiety never got to the degree that other peoples have. I’m 46, I work full time, my husband works away during the week, I have 12 year old twins that are very involved and am very busy. I don’t have time for anxiety but I know I need to slow my pace down and take more time for me. I just know my quality of life will improve because today I already feel like it’s a new day and I’ve hardly begun my journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my family thanks you also but they don’t know it yet.”

Yvonne Maywood, Washington

“Hello Charles,

My name is Marlene Bishop and I ordered your package a few months ago and I just wanted to thank you for all the help that you have given me. Within a few days of using your method I have been feeling a lot better. My anxiety have improved a lot and I am in a much better place now and have grown so much. Since then i have learned to me much calmer and even when I feel an attack coming on and can easily get rid of it within a few minutes. I have now stared gym and have lost a few pounds and am a lot more confident. Everyone has been telling how great I look and I feel great too. I finally feel I can achieve my dreams even though I get a bit scared which is natural. I even take the bach’s rescue remedy less now when I am anxious to challenge myself to get rid of the sensation on my own. By the time I am finished with gym or reading a book or whatever, I am too tired to think about my anxiety. Everything takes time to heal and with yours and God’s help each and every day I get a little better and I know I’ll be ok. So thank you very much and keep doing what you’re doing.

With Thanks,”


“Hi Charles:

I’m very new to the Linden Method, only 3 weeks and the improvement is just amazing to me today-unbelievable actually. In a few weeks I’ll be able to put some words of gratitude together for you and tell a little of my ‘story’. I’ve received two issues of the Calm and am enjoying it immensely! Today reading it just put some anxiety I was feeling around repeating words, phrases, music, etc. The stories from other people so much helps with not being or feeling so alone.

Thank you for your help. CALM is wonderful, a great tool.

Kindest Regards,”

Paulette McAndrew

“Hi. I don’t need support anymore but I just want to say how well this is working and I really wish it was more common knowledge among people to use this method for anxiety, panic, and just information about stress. I know lots of people with anxiety problems and I’m telling many people about this. Used to be I felt overpowered, now I feel empowered and it is truly amazing. THANK YOU!”

Denise Hagman

“Query: I just started the pack on Monday, and I am already doing a thousand times better. Today I listened to the panic eliminator cd for the first time, and as a result I played it about 4 times in succession. Hearing Charles’ voice, telling me that this was all my doing, and all inside me, and that I had the choice, and the control over it; I broke down. I’ve been living like no 23 yr old woman should be living, and as many times as I’ve tried to tell myself the same thing it never had the effect on me that hearing it today has had. I’ve started to wean myself off my medication, not just for my anxiety but for my depression also. I haven’t been my true self in years, and I can’t wait until I can just be me, and know that its ok. I’ve had some muscle tension in my throat (which is where my attacks usually start), but no full blown attacks just yet. Thank you so much. All I have wanted for so long is my life back, and I honestly feel like I’m actually getting there!

Actually I completed the nine pillars and I’m doing it everyday and since I started that I have become panic and anxiety free.

I just want to say thank you to Charles Linden for his wonderful method because it does truly work.”

Ashley Robinson

“Thank you for all of your help and advice, I cant believe how much better I am feeling day by day… you are angels, I hope I am not in touch again too soon, unless its good news of course.

Kind regards,”

Tricia x x 🙂

“Dear Charles,

I want to thank you for your help. I received The Linden Method about 3 weeks ago its brilliant very easy to understand and made so much sense I cant believe its taken me ten years of looking for the miracle cure. The amount of wrong information you receive from doctors is very frustrating. I’m doing really well once I started reading your book I went off the medication the next day and I am coping very well. Everyday life is not the misery it was.

Thank you so much,”


“Dear Charles,

I was suffering from agoraphobia for the last seven years and at only 30 years old and with two kids I found living in constant anxiety very difficult. I started your method 5 days ago and after 3 days of doing it I traveled 150 miles to a family wedding. We are just back now and I am so happy, I found that the 9 pillars and the panic elimination cd was fantastic. Janice in your English office gave me so much help to get me going. I am so Happy. I can’t wait for tomorrow to go out again. I am on a high with the sense of freedom I feel. Thank you so so much!!!!!!!”

Lorraine G, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

“Thank you. You people are doing a wonderful thing!


Todd Carns

“You are a true lifesaver, I know that I am now on my way. I have a ways to go but I know that I can with time and patience do it. I will keep you posted if you don’t mind.”

Trudy Lockwood

“Hi Charles,

I want to let you know that you have changed my life and I am so grateful. The method has really worked and I am feeling so much better now than I was a few weeks ago. I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks through the day and night. It became unbearable so I visited the doctor on numerous occasion tried out different medication had all the relevant health checks and had no serious conditions apart from anxiety. I was referred to a ‘Putting a stop to Panic’ course but couldn’t even sit through the first session as I would have full blown panic attacks. I then discovered your method and I have not turned back since. I am however still on some medication called ciprimil which are very mild but I know I won’t be on them for long because I am better now thanks to you.

I want you to know that you are an inspiration and you have changed my life for the better. Thanks to you I can now be a better partner, mother etc because my condition totally affected everyone around me. I even lost two stone in a month cause I couldn’t look at food but now have my appetite back. You are truly amazing and I would love to share more of my story with you and visit the center. Please let me know if this is possible. It would be amazing to hear from you.

I can’t thank you enough, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,”

Carly W. (22 yrs from Swindon, Wilts)


I would also like to take this opportunity to ask if you could pass on the following.

I have suffered dreadfully with anxiety for most of my life. I am 31 and a mother of 3. I have never taken medication, it was prescribed several times but, thankfully, I chose not to. When I first listened to the Linden interview, I cried. For the first time in my life, there actually seemed to be someone out there who knew exactly what I was going through. I no longer feel alone. I have masked my anxiety pretty well although on the 2 occasions I was in A & E for suspected heart attacks, it was brought to my attention that anxiety was a cause. I didn’t listen. I believed they had ‘missed’ the heart condition, despite 4 days in hospital having every test you could imagine!

I will make this brief, I am sure you have so many of these letters but the bottom line is, I want to thank Mr Linden for producing such a down to earth and detailed course on how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. I would happily recommend this method to anyone in similar situations. It is fantastic.

Thank you so much,”

Jenny Smith

“Subject: Thank you!

Dear Jenny, Kathy and Charles

Whoever reads this email I would be very obliged if you could show it to everyone else.

I am cured! I haven’t been in touch for a couple of weeks because I thought I would just see how it went. It happened without me really realizing and all of a sudden. I can’t believe it and I shall certainly be “plugging” the Linden Method to anyone I know who suffers from panic and anxiety.

I am back working again, from home, but that’s what I wanted to do anyway! I went into Manchester last week to pick up some work and went into a very crowded and busy firm of Solicitors and had a long conversation with the senior partner who gave me a huge amount of work to bring home. I have been going into supermarkets again and shops and last week I spent virtually all day in my little boy’s School. I really cannot believe it and I cannot thank you all enough. I am cured! If I ever get twinges or doubts again – I know what to do!

There is no fear left inside me. I have well and truly kicked it into touch.

Please feel free to print this on the web site if you wish.

Many Many thanks.”

Gillian Brierley

“I bought The Linden Method on the internet after suffering for almost a year with anxiety problems. It was a living nightmare. I thought I would never get better. I went to docs that prescribe meds that made me sicker and went to psychologists who cost me a fortune.

To make a long story short, it worked for me. I am so relieved to be free of that nightmare monster called anxiety. I cannot tell you how much better I feel and that I am back in the real world now. His course was easy to do, but you have to follow it. Right now I am doing something you are not supposed to do and that is talk to others about your past condition, however, I feel that I must try and tell anyone who is suffering that you can get better with this course. I did and I didn’t think I was ever going to get better.

I will tell you that I don’t know Charles Linden and have never met him and that I have nothing to gain by endorsing his product. I just hope that he can help anyone else who is suffering like I was. I think that it is still less than 100 dollars and was worth 1 million to me to get my life back.

I don’t know his web site but if you Google his name, I am sure it will pop up.

If you are suffering right now, don’t torture yourself any longer. I would stay up nights surfing the web for an answer to my anxiety and I am glad I am now free of this burden.

Good Luck”

‘Jacks dad’ – Forum Member

“Dear charles, where do I start… I am 33 yrs old have 4 children an am a single parent as I have suffered with panic attacks for 15yrs now an find it very hard 2 hold down a relationship but I have now reached the stage where I feel like enough is enough & I don’t want to live this life anymore… I went on the internet tonight where amongst hundreds your web-site jumped out at me.. I read through it & bought your package & downloaded your program then I shut myself away in my room & listened to it all.. it was amazing.. I have tried everything just like you, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been near to committing suicide, if it wasn’t for my children I wouldn’t be here today but i’m glad I’m as your program has already made a difference to me, at 11pm tonight I put my dogs lead on, grabbed my son whom is nearly 16 & we took the 5 minute walk to our local shopping precinct, this I have never done in the 2 yrs that I have lived here. I have been stuck in a bubble & thanks to you I feel like I can burst it now.. I have cried tonight & I have conquered tonight so you are right in saying how many people could say they have done that in the period of a few hours. Thank you for that with all my heart.”


“Hello Charles,

I’m simply e-mailing you to let you know that you saved my life.

I’m 25, and I have always been a very outgoing, charming guy. Led an active lifestyle.

I’ve been on a downward spiral these past few months and I thought there was no way out. I had a sick feeling in my stomach all day long, felt like I was in a dream world and I couldn’t get out. It was utterly hopeless. Felt numb, and agitated. Became very agoraphobic and spent most of my time in my apartment alone.

I went to see my doctor, and she diagnosed me with panic/anxiety disorder, and of course prescribed Paxil. she told me that what I have is a disorder, an imbalance and there’s nothing that can be done to help me, except take meds. (i am very angry at her for being so quick to prescribe them)

I was terrified of going on medication and heard horror stories about Paxil. I took the pills for 4 days and felt much worse. I couldn’t think straight, and I couldn’t focus. I threw the bottle out and started searching the net for answers, as I’ve done countless times before.

For some reason I finally stumbled upon your site and bought your pack.

I’m going on 3 weeks of following your advice, and my anxiety is gone completely. I can’t believe it. It blows my mind that more people don’t know about your method. It is the holy grail, as you put it. I was under the impression that I would spend the rest of my days popping pills and dealing with something that I didn’t know how to cure.

You saved me, before I fell even further into the depths of despair, and I am eternally grateful

Thank you so much.”

Dwight D.

“Dear Charles,

Thank you so much for speaking with Annie and me last week. It appears that the method is starting to click with her. My husband and I noticed that there’s a ‘light’ in her eyes again, where she previously looked preoccupied with worry. The suggestion of my staying at school with her seems to be working. I plan on doing it the rest of the week or more if necessary.

She’s seems so much happier and it’s only been a little more than a week since we started the method.

Thanks again for giving us hope. I feel that through the Linden Method, we are getting our daughter back. I wasted so much money and time going to therapists, reading info about OCD and anxiety etc. and I’m so glad I came across your website.

God Bless you,”


“Thanks Charles – u have saved my life!

I am 100% better than I was before I started The Linden Method, am enjoying myself every day and am planning my wedding to my wonderful fiancee whom I thought was not the right man for me in my ‘dark days’!

… I am actually starting to forget I was ever ‘unwell’!



“Dear Charles,

Well what a change the last few weeks have been. I purchased your method and thank God I did. My life has definitely changed and its all thanks to you and your method. I still have a way to go but feel better than before. I have started the withdrawal program and so far am going OK.

I am not used to the well feeling my body is feeling and think I am not normal. Dumb huh!! This is what a normal person does feel but after 8 years of not feeling normal my body is going hang on a minute. Both body and mind are going through some changes I think.

I think what you have provided for fellow sufferers is fantastic and this method needs to be brought out so more people can get it. I wish everyone knew about it and I cant thank you enough for turning my life around. If you were in Australia I would give you a big hug!

I would like to keep in touch if that’s OK and get advice if I need it.

Again, thanks heaps, YOU ARE A MIRACLE!”

Julie Martin x

“Dear Charles;

I have struggled off and on with anxiety/panic/depression since I was in my early 20’s and I am now 47. It wasn’t a constant thing but it was devastating when it occurred. I would always be overcome by the panic and anxiety levels I felt. That seemed to take over and I just couldn’t think clearly. My goal became making the rounds of anything that could help me get rid of the feelings and sensations I was experiencing. I never withdrew from life but I lived a horrible, painful thought life when these episodes would strike, along with the physical characteristics of anxiety and panic.

The last episode was 10 year ago and I went through 3 years of depression, anxiety, insomnia, not eating, therapy, antidepressants, tranquilizers, vitamins, and a 2-week stay in a psychiatric hospital. The last straw was a psychiatrist who told me I would be on antidepressants for the rest of my life because I would always have these ‘mood swings’. I looked at her and felt that she gave me a death sentence. I walked out of there angry and determined that that was not going to happen to me.

So when I found your website, I was immediately caught because of the offer that you could become anxiety-free without drugs. I couldn’t quite figure out if you were for real or not, and so that is why I emailed you.

Interestingly, I decided to hedge my bets! If I didn’t hear back from you, I was going to see my doctor to get the necessary antidepressants to survive this. I was actually on my way to the doctor’s office when I received your email reply. I admit to being very surprised and still suspicious. So I took the information I printed off your website and went to see my doctor, whom I know personally. I showed her your information and she was very positive about it! She told me to go for it, what did I have to lose. Not at all what I expected. So I did!

Thank you for having the courage to share your story and to stand up and speak the truth. I believe what you have said because of the fact that you have experienced it. People along the way in my life probably shared some of the things you have learned but it had no impact on me because they had never experienced what I had and I didn’t listen because they hadn’t been there.

Thank you, Charles!”


“Thank-you Charles… I have now worked it all out and am now fully incorporating the Linden Method into my life… I am amazed at how well I am doing…I am taking it one day at a time but am doing really well… you have been my lifesaver and I can’t ever thank you enough.



“Hi Charles,

Received the Cd’s today,

If you are ever in NYC or need any help with something in NYC, please let me know! I am flying to California for the first time in 5 years next week, THANK YOU!”



Thank you so much for your insight, I feel better already. It’s been a true blessing. I can’t thank you enough for the help your method has brought me.

God Bless You!”


“Thanks for the advice, I actually have felt a lot better recently, and I have been able to connect with others around me a lot more naturally. By doing the breathing exercises I feel much better both physically and mentally.

Thanks again, I honestly have not felt this positive and alive in 4 years.”


“Thank you so very much. I just received your packet this week. I am already feeling free. Thank you, your method is all you said.”


“Hi Charles,

Firstly I want to thank you for your amazing package. I have started your program and I find it incredibly helpful… my anxiety has lessened greatly and my panic had disappeared… I listen to your relaxation tape every day and follow the nine pillars thank you for your wonderful help and support.



“Your program brought light back into a family that had been shrouded by anxiety for over ten years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“Hi Charles,

Just want to let you know how I’m doing. Yesterday was a BIG DAY! I actually got my hair done (believe it or not that was one of my biggest fears since I had a bad spell back in the summer at the beauty parlor). I was very proud of myself and of course look and feel much better as well. I even made an appointment to go back for a facial next week.

Also, I’m afraid to jinx myself BUT I was out all day yesterday (shopping, beauty parlor, dinner) and did not experience light-headedness AT ALL! I was a little anxious, etc. but I did not feel dizzy, etc. HOPEFULLY, this continues.

Thanks so much, Charles!”

Kristine M.

“Thank you,

Your help has been a life changing transformation for me! Last night I went to a symphony and dinner with friends… 1 week ago I would not of been able to do that!”

Simon, NYC

“The theory behind what you suggest is very sound, I discussed it with a neuroscientist friend of mine and he says it is consistent with what we know about the brain. Your advice showed me that and it takes will power and consistency but it does work and I hope I meet you one day to thank you for the ‘kick’ in the right direction I needed.

All the best,”


“I would like to tell you that your information has been fantastic! I went more than seven years before being diagnosed with PDSD which caused a very severe case of anxiety disorder for me. It also caused my wife and I to get a divorce as she found my condition to over whelming and unbearable to live with. Even after being diagnosed no one seemed to have the right information to follow so I could be cured of this God forsaken disease. Your information has been more than helpful.

I like your straight forward and to the point approach to ending anxiety once and for all. I cannot thank you enough.



“I would hug you if you were here! I feel so much better after listening to your program.

I think you may have changed my life.

Thanks again,”


“Dear Charles

I am practicing your method every day and feel so much better. Everything you say is ‘true’ and I have found by playing your tapes at night has helped me enormously. I really feel positive for the first time in nearly 4 years.

Thank you,”


“Hi Charles,

Reference our correspondence concerning my son xxxxxx in August 2003.

Well, the news is brilliant to fantastic! After sitting on your method for 2 or 3 weeks, he finally decided to read it and a few weeks later said it was ‘quite good’ and that he would keep it in reserve. when I phoned again recently he sounded just like his old self and admitted that the Linden Method had really helped him and that it was ‘fantastic.’ He felt he had really identified with you and your story, he felt there were great similarities between the two of you (as I knew he would) and he sounded cheerful, positive and optimistic.

He’s also started seeing a lovely girl in whom he’s been interested for about 4 months but felt he wasn’t good enough for her.

Now after following your method and continuing to so do so I am 100% certain that he will have a 100% recovery.

I am so very, very grateful to you, thank you so much, let me know if you want a testimonial for your website and let me know if you want me to start trying to get you some super publicity in the Mail. You deserve to succeed.

Very best regards,”



I cannot thank you enough for the Anxiety program that I received from you. I owe you a debt of gratitude. All the money and time I wasted on psychiatrists, Therapists, books & tapes until I found your program by accident, I wasn’t even looking for it.

All the Relaxation exercises I was taught and never worked when all I had to do was face the panic head on. When you said that a light bulb was turned on. And you said I was doing it to myself, no person,place, or thing. Unfortunately I do not have the support from my Husband as you do with your wife. So it is even harder for me. But guess what,I am doing again.

I have a great Aromatherapy recipe that stops panic attacks, I would love to share it with you if you like. Let me know. Thank you, again for sharing your knowledge and for helping others.



“OMG! That is pretty much all I can say right now! I will give you a brief background into me and you can decide for yourself!! I started having panic attacks almost 5 years ago, worked with a great therapist to eliminate them, but still had constant bouts of GAD. About 5 months ago I developed an overwhelming fear of my health, afraid I had this and that and constantly in fear… this was so unlike me!!! Therapy wasn’t working, doctor’s tests came back perfect and yet, I swore I was going to die… About a week ago, I ended up having my first reoccurring panic attack, trembled, depersonalized etc… and have had continuing one’s since… it’s debilitated me to my home, couldn’t drive, went to the emergency room, took my husband with me on appts., saw my therapist and thought I was going crazy!!! Today, sitting and wallowing, I finally downloaded your information… after reading, listening and comprehending and transcending… (I am pretty good at that after seeing a therapist for years…) it finally has clicked! I just went to the store, felt no panic even though I could drive anywhere before, but haven’t in a week and I feel wonderful! My dizziness is gone, my symptoms have disappeared. All I know is that I thought my life was gone, and within a matter of hours, I have this renewed strength, calmness and the attitude that I can over-come this! I sell Real Estate and have a very active social life… friends and associates have thought for the past week that I have fallen off the face of the earth..here I am, feeling better than before… thank you!”

Susan, Ohio

“Dear Mr. Linden,

I feel that you should know this about your method. I originally had purchased it to help with some agoraphobic problems I’ve had since I was 11 yrs old, traveling alone and entering big buildings. Last month I lost my mom, we were extremely close this has caused me to have constant panic attacks, horrid ones coming on no matter where I am, at home or driving, and also to be totally obsessed with having heart trouble, although I’ve been to doctors and have been diagnosed with a very healthy heart. I was experiencing a racing heart, skipped beats and palpitations constantly. I was talking Xanax on a regular basis and thought I’d end up in the hospital for sure.

I have never read anything like your method before, it’s really truly amazing. As soon as I read your booklet and listened to the CD’s, especially the Panic Eliminator, I ceased having any attacks, in fact, I can’t even bring one on! I no longer am aware of my heart and I have been Xanax free for about the past 10 days. I feel like a normal person again. I’m also going into bigger buildings without the Xanax and also have already driven alone with ease. But most importantly, I am handling my bereavement with much less anxiety. I can’t say enough about your method, no doctor or counselor I’ve seen in the past 30 yrs has ever been able to do this, and for all this to happen in a matter of a few days, well I can’t believe it! I can’t thank you enough for making your method available to anxiety sufferers everywhere.


Joanie, USA

“Hello Charles. I have now been following your program for almost 10 days now and the difference in me is amazing. I have got a new zest for life that I never thought would be possible so thank you very much. Obviously ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ but I am getting there.i have a question that I feel sure you can help me with,when I am listening to the Visualization through the day I get so relaxed that I actually fall asleep through it!! although as soon as you count back from 10 to 1 I usually wake up.My question is:will the fact that I am in fact falling asleep stop the visualization exercise from doing its work? sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I would be grateful if you would let me know. THANKYOU.”


“Hi… I purchased your program (with no ‘e’ at the end, lol) about one month ago. I am, as of this very moment, exponentially better and have no major panic attacks. I just really can’t believe how well this system works and almost feel a bit upset for spending sooooooo much time with doctors and drugs that didn’t help a bit.

I guess I could give you a shortlist of my problems if you care to hear them. I started having panic attacks about 6 years ago outta no where, I didn’t even know what they were at first. In time, they progressed and I eventually became agoraphobic and my life revolved around my false sense of ‘self preservation’ so I did less and less outside.

Talked about my problem constantly and thought about it even more. Well, I’m terrible at writing so I’ll just say; my life used to stink… now it does not, thank you for the great program and I do my best to tell people about it.


Kenneth J

“Aloha Charles!

I got your program a few months ago and I like it a lot. Thank you.

It did me quite a bit of good. It gave me the courage to quit my job which was my main stressor. I worked for the US postal service and was treated pretty poorly by management. Much as an abused spouse needs to get out of a bad relationship, I divorced my bosses. I now own and operate a successful carpet cleaning company her in Hawaii. I am getting my self respect back!

Thanks Again,”

[Name Withheld by Charles]

“Hello Charles,

I just wanted to write and say from the bottom of my heart ‘thank you’. I’ve been suffering with anxiety and panic for some time now and after only a few days using your program I have seen dramatic improvements… no wait, I’ve felt improvements… that seems more fitting.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“I just thought you might wish to know that I’ve cried (just tears no sobbing) through about 80% of the material I received from you. And all I can say is Thank you, and I really don’t feel that is enough for what you have done.

Thank you for showing me the way.

And to all the other people with anxiety and have panic attacks please don’t suffer Alone anymore let Charles help you, Please!

(you may print anything if you think it may help someone)”

[Name Withheld by Charles]


Well, still doing the program faithfully and feeling a continuous lift… Went to the chiropractor yesterday with no panic and today I am having a massage.

Thank you in advance,”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you…

…I have experienced such dramatic results so quickly. I never felt so calm, so focused, so confident, so much more involved in the longest time. Anxiety and panic attacks free days are in sight at last.”

Follow up:

“Charles, the panic attacks and anxiety have now gone completely. I am back to normal, I love you for what you have done for me.”

Peter. A. Petaluma

Lighting Engineer

“Your Method has changed my life…

…the reassurance I experienced just by reading ‘Your Story’ was worth a thousand bucks alone. When I finished reading your manual, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. My panic attacks and anxiety disorder were gone.”

Kevin O’Connor, Delaware

“Your visualization is so effective. I close my eyes and slow my breathing when I feel a panic attack starting.”

J. Bills, Germany

“My nightmare started in 2002. I awoke early one morning filled with anxiety and panic.

My doctor prescribed anti-depressants but they didn’t help. He referred me to a psychiatrist who cost me $200.00 an hour. He changed my med’s and prescribed Diazepam. I spent 18 months on anti depressants and 3 months trying to wean myself off diazepam.

January 2004 I discovered Charles Linden’s website. I ordered The Linden Method and suddenly I had no anxiety or panic attacks. I gradually stopped my medication and just knew that I would be ok.

What can I say? It works. Believe me. I never thought I would come out of this dark tunnel of anxiety disorder and panic attacks, but, I have and I am well.”

Rebecca Law

“Charles, I am anxiety and panic attacks free, for which, I will be eternally grateful, however, I have a criticism…

I am an internet marketing person and it appears to me that you could charge more for your pack. I phoned Kathy and Jenny for hours (over 10 probably) for counseling, I received the full pack including postage and it cost me $177.

I have a proposal, it’s worth ten times that amount to a sufferer, god knows, no one wants to live their life with panic attacks. How about I help you to market it at $800 – $1000 and we give the pack away as a free resource? You’ll drastically increase your profits Charles…

Karl Challenor

My response to Karl:

Karl, thank you for your marketing idea, however, we have worked very hard to reduce our costs so that we can make the pack more keenly priced. I want every anxiety and panic attacks sufferer to benefit from the pack so charging more would exclude some people who can’t afford that sort of money. Thanks again.”

Charles Linden

“Within just a few days I was back on my feet…

I was completely housebound when I found Charles’ method. I couldn’t leave my bedroom without the anxiety that I would have panic attacks and vomit. I had previously been dragged to relaxation and anxiety management classes. Psychologists and Doctors offered me the same advice and anxiety disorder drugs. I was desperate and alone.

Within a few days I was back on my feet and going for walks with my mother – no panic attacks, no anxiety disorder; and now I am back at work and have just been to America on holiday – it took 5 weeks!

I would say to anyone suffering the hell I went through, that Charles’ method is THE solution as he says. Doctors said I would have to learn to live with anxiety disorder – what rubbish!”

Marc Merris, Birmingham

UPDATE: I Met Marc recently. He is now a long distance lorry driver!

“Hi Charles, after years of panic attacks and anxiety disorder I am so much better now, in just three weeks.

Your voice is so comforting and everything that you say in your pack is so easy to follow. I can’t begin to you enough for making me well again.”