shutterstock_93075775The Linden Center was founded in the summer of 1996. Charles Linden had spent over 12 months, with a substantial group of research subjects and the assistance of a clinical psychologist and doctor, identifying what it was that all recovered anxiety sufferers had done to cause their recovery – the resultant findings formed the cornerstone of what was to become The Linden Method program.

The Science of The Linden Method

The science of The Linden Method is based on Charles’ experiences and the ongoing research, development, trials and data he and his team have collected.  The psychology of the Method conforms to the findings of four of the world’s most eminent research psychologists, John Broadus Watson, Burrhus Frederic Skinner, William James and Carl Lange, all of whom were pioneers in the American School of Behaviorism who discovered how the brain adopts new behaviors in a learning process called Operant Conditioning and how the physical emotional response precedes conscious thought. Whilst this science forms part of the basis of the neurological aspect of the Method’s effectiveness, Charles’ own research and findings have led him to develop a Method that truly, centrally, deactivates the emotion of fear and creates a ‘fire wall’ of sorts, to protect the recovered person from ever suffering again.

Whilst this very sound science forms the basis of The Linden Method’s science and has been proven over 170,000 times so far, the Method was developed long before Charles Linden had drawn conclusions about its efficacy and the science that proved it… Charles developed the program by reverse engineering the solution… this isn’t theory, it’s practical, simple science applied correctly to produce true, measurable results. It’s the solution all packaged up and easily delivered.

Charles Linden’s Research

Bringing together Charles Linden’s research findings and the devices he developed, The Linden Method was created to expedite the process of learning responsible for complete anxiety elimination and total, permanent recovery.

After a two year window, during which time, The Linden Method was used by over 9,000 anxious clients who fed back results to The Linden Center, providing Charles with data he needed to perfect the techniques – the changes these subjects experienced where dramatic and permanent. In 1998, The Linden Method in its structured program form was available to the general public around the world through Charles’ first anxiety elimination website.

Humble Beginnings Over in 1996

Using a home website creation tool, Charles designed the first Linden Method website and printed and bound The Method himself on a home printer. The CDs were recorded at home and edited by Charles. The idea was to create a series of media items which would communicate The Method effectively, the crucial factor was to supply a program that speeded up the recovery process and instilled in the sufferer the ‘learning’ which causes recovery.

Life Changing Results

The results experienced were amazing and as word spread, both on and offline, that a new treatment was available, client numbers started to grow and feedback was incredible, with very few negative comments and then only about the quality of the audio or video.

Many clients reported dramatic recovery times after years of failed therapies and medication. Over time, it became apparent that some clients needed a little more assistance so Charles implemented an email support program so that clients could access support, reassurance and guidance at any time. Charles would sit up, sometimes into the night, answering emails from his clients but this started to affect his own health and very soon he had to employ a counselor who he trained in The Linden Method, to help him with support and enquiries.

The Linden Method Specialists

The Linden Method support team is made up of the most highly experienced and qualified Anxiety Specialists in the world and unlimited access to them is provided free of charge to every Linden Method home learning program user. The team consists of Drs of Psychology, Psychologists and Psychotherapists who are all MBACP and BPS members.

Where Are We Now?

Charles went from running the enterprise from his spare room single-handedly to employing three staff in year two to the 22 staff he now employs around the world, all dedicated to supporting and guiding clients to recovery using the fastest route possible. All, without exception, loving the recoveries they create.

Charles Linden Media was formed as the publishing arm of the organization and as a vehicle for The Linden Method and the other anxiety disorder related products Charles had developed over time.

TLM and now LAR Coaching Accreditation are an ongoing powerhouse of resources and human will, driving forwards to cure every sufferer as their disorder develops. Our dream is to be in every school. university, barracks, corporation, police HQ… in fact, anywhere anxious people are – in order to nip anxiety in the ‘bud’ before it causes too much harm.

Charles’ Other Work

Charles was asked to contribute at this point to a number of magazines, newspapers and radio programs and The Linden Method began advertising in a number of international publications that gave the centers the instant visibility it needed to grow. In the following three years, The Linden Center clients grew exponentially at a rate of knots to where we are today having helped over 160,000 international clients to become anxiety free.

Charles is an author with Hay House Publishing, a TV presenter, an adviser to media, government bodies and industry and his list of clients grows constantly, some of whom he sees personally in his Harley Street practice, some he sees in the Anxiety Recovery Retreats. Charles is also an adviser to a number of high profile celebrities, media companies and production companies. Charles plays an active role in every case to be sure that every client receives what they need.

Our Clinical Referrals Program

In 2002, after a chance meeting with a mental health professional at a conference venue in London, Charles set up his clinical referral program, enabling community psychiatric workers, doctors, psychologists and other mental health workers the opportunity to refer clients to the centers. This caused immediate relief for many thousands of sufferers who had been in ‘the system’ for long periods, using drug therapies or trapped in constant therapy sessions that proved fruitless for them.

This referral program has since formed the basis for a number of relationships both in the public and private sectors and has formed the foundation for The Linden center’s ongoing relationship with national health services.

Government Trials

After the initial meeting with Charles Linden during the Government trials of The Linden Method, the four young people were asked to complete feedback, developed specifically for the trial. Below are scans of those forms as completed by the subjects. We have ‘blacked out’ names for confidentiality. Bear in mind that these four people were referred to us as ‘problem cases’ because they hadn’t responded to the medications, counseling, support and psychotherapy they had been receiving, in most cases, over a number of years. Charles was with them initially for just one hour each and the results. Read for yourself how it changed their perspective.

Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4

Ongoing Research & Development

The repackaging and redevelopment of key elements of the program pack have been ongoing and its current form, we feel, is the best provision for anxiety elimination in the world. The program material is easy to access, read, listen to and watch and the packaging is light and pleasant to receive BUT, more importantly, the resource received inside that packaging and through the support team is second to none globally.

We now have bespoke corporate stress and anxiety elimination programs, DVDs, CDs and Charles’ TV series called Stress Less with Charles Linden is airing around the world. Charles’ Stress Free in 30 Days program received The Times Newspaper’s MUST READ accolade and went to number one in Amazon.

Linden Method Workshops

Impromptu Linden Method workshops, which were requested by clients, have prompted The Linden Centers to create regular Linden Method workshops that are now a reality. The DVDs of our Linden Method workshops are now available, led by Jenny Saunders, our in-house psychologist and Charles Linden and he continues to write and develop new content, constantly striving for a time when his job is done and the process is as fast, simple and effective as possible.

Linden Method Residential Retreats

Our Linden Method Residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats invite clients from around the world to attend a three day immersion into the Linden Method anxiety recovery process; with curative effects. Clients from America, Russia, Europe, Australia and Asia have been in attendance.

Test show LAR reduces anxiety levels from an average GAD7 of 18.24 to 2,84 – Total recovery!

No other process or treatment comes near these results. Most of the tested clients had used CBT, conventional counselling, anxiety management and CBT with an average of 2-5% improvement at best. According to those tested ost of this improvement was due to sedation – this same data is echoed in all of our residential and workshop clients.

The Linden Method’s ‘place in the world’

The Linden Method is now the most successful and respected anxiety elimination program in the world, with clients in over 170 countries. Charles is widely regarded as the leading authority in the field of anxiety elimination and addresses workshops, seminars and provides material and research to national bodies, health organizations, radio, TV and news broadcasters.

It is amazing to look back and see how far The Linden Method, the Centers and the Foundation have come since their humble start in Charles’ spare room. We are eternally grateful to all our clients, especially those who have provided the invaluable testimonials we have received and the organizations which have helped us become what we are today. The Linden centers, The Linden Method client base, Charles’ involvement in new initiatives, ideas and organizations grow constantly.


If you are an existing Linden Method member, thank you for your trust, if not, we hope that you will decide to become a participant and discover for yourself just how effective The Linden Method program is at changing lives. We know what we achieve here eclipses any other anxiety elimination device, it’s why we are referred to by medics, it’s why we work with government agencies, it’s what makes us so very different.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries and please join us a LAR Coach if you feel you would like to help others to overcome anxiety disorders.