Chairman’s statement


me“Let me first of all say how proud I am of my team for the remarkable work we all, as a Team, have done to make LAR a real treatment option for millions of sufferers around the world.

This is not all about the money, in fact, we have worked very hard indeed to provide a huge curative resource to every client for very little money indeed and this new Coaching Accreditation model will save governments, individuals and organisations millions, in fact, in some cases, billions in wasted resources and revenue that can put to much better use elsewhere.

LAR is a programme of Guided Self-Help which leaves no stone unturned, providing sufferers with solution led structure and seamless support. All sufferers want is access to what works as each and every day of ‘anxiety management’ slips by costing them emotionally, socially and economically.

We deliver solutions and we would like you to be one of our amazingly fulfilled Team.” Charles Linden


A fast and permanent solution for your clients to build into a business or integrate into your existing work.

Blue distance learning buttonOur LAR Coach Practitioner training, (NCFE Level 4 accredited), will prepare you for a lifetime of fulfillment helping anxious people to find the peace and anxiety freedom they deserve.

Becoming a LAR Coach will provide you with an accreditation with which to integrate The Linden Method into your existing practices.

The recoveries of your clients is the soul objective and where some therapies and therapeutic techniques, which are less successful, rely on repeat business through the continuation of the therapeutic process, becoming a LAR Coach will mean that you will receive new clients who have heard about the curative successes you have achieved using the programme.

Anxious people want a solution, not management or coping strategies; LAR provides the solution in a simple to utilise, structured and supportive programme of recovery and being a LAR Coach will enable you to create an ever increasing, self perpetuating bank of testimonials from the clients you have cured.

What could be more rewarding?

In addition to genuinely changing lives, you will be able to earn a significant and appropriate income from your LAR Coaching business.

You can also join the programme as a group or introduce colleagues to the programme. In order to find out more about group licenses, please contact our programme coordinator.