We will train your existing staff or provide LAR Coaches in your region and take over patient care for every patient with anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, agoraphobia and PTSD in your CCG.

What savings in Mental Health spend are possible?

The concept is very simple.

Conditions addressed:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Pure O, HOCD, ROCD, POCD
  • Derealisation & depersonalisation
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression with anxiety
  • Eating disorders

Mental Health issues cost the NHS £105 billion per year… most of this is spent on anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression can be addressed and overcome using LAR.

The traditional practice model – This costs the PCT/CCG many thousands of pounds on average depending on the number of GP visits and other resources used.

A typical anxiety sufferer will cost the NHS at least £2000 per year, however, we have heard of cases costing over £20,000 per year due to multiple ambulance call outs, specialised care, residential care and GP visits… these patients are what doctors refer to as ‘frequent fliers’.

  1. The patient visits their GP presenting with anxiety symptoms
  2. The GP may prescribe medication and/or refer the patient to counselling/psychology
  3. Counselling and psychotherapy usually consist of a number of CBT or counselling sessions. Normally 6 sessions.
  4. The referal goes into a queue and the patients waits for their assessment/sessions – this wait time is currently up to 6 months
  5. The patient is likely to make repeat visits, calls or other demands on practice resources as anxious patients are inclined to do
  6. The patient may seek regular GP reassurance and or use ambulance and outpatient hospital services – this is a waste of valuable medical hours and resources
  7. The patient may or may not benefit from the services offered. If they do not, they will be referred back to their GP and teh cycle starts over again

The LAR practice model

  1. The GP refers the patient to a LAR Coach. Either within the practice or within the GP surgery’s territory
  2. The same day, the patient accesses all materials and telephone/email Coaching whilst waiting to meet their TLM Coach face-to-face, via phone or Skype
  3. The patient interacts with our Central support (BACP & BPS registered Specialists) in order to start the programme correctly and access support as required
  4. The patient is compliant with the programme and no longer needs or wants GP access, ambulance or outpatient support
  5. For up to one year, LAR guides and supports the patient outside of NHS services
  6. The patient receives 5 x 1 hour LAR Coaching sessions, utilising the ‘between session’ telephone and email support
  7. Normally, we see curative results in under three weeks, however, some patients may need longer. Each clienthas 1 year before their Coaching period ends
  8. If a patient requires another 12 months Coaching, the GP can renew the programme at the end of the first year

We envisage an NHS cost saving of at least 60% across all care for patients with anxiety disorders & depression

The LAR programmes effectively and dramatically reduce CCG spending in a number of  ways, these are:

  • Elimination of the diagnosis to treatment (18 weeks) – Our patients start treatment on day one
  • Virtual, if not entire, elimination of the ongoing responsibility of anxious patient care and support
  • Reduction/elimination of ambulance call outs due to high anxiety and panic attacks
  • Reduction of ‘frequent fliers’ utilising expensive resources
  • Reduction in prescriptions through our medication reduction ethos/guidance
  • Reduction of inappropriate GP appointments
  • Reduction of clinical referrals to psychiatric care and/or hospitalisation
  • Reduction of referrals to mental health resources including counselling, day hospital etc.
  • Increase in our patients returning to their workplace/school through our ‘return to work/school’ programme
  • Reduction in family issues arising from the patient’s condition
  • On-going life coaching and wellness coaching


To learn more about NHS integration of LAR or to discover the savings we can make in your practice or CCG, please call Beth Linden on 01562 742004 or 07973 745780