It is widely reported that 1 in 4 people will seek guidance related to high anxiety within a 12 month period, so that’s approximately 15 million people in the UK alone and it is estimated that £80 billion a year is spent on anxiety related conditions. That figure is reflected in almost every country in the world.

These statistics accurately reflect what we have experienced over 17 years of practice.

This pandemic of anxiety related conditions could be effecting over a billion people worldwide.

“It is my view that anxiety related conditions are the most socially and economically catastrophic health related conditions and that despite the prevalence of  life limiting conditions, the effect of anxiety disorders within families and organisations is overwhelming.” Charles Linden

Times are changing and the human body struggles to evolve in a productive way in order to cope with the demands of human life and unfortunately, those people who have a predisposition to developing a high anxiety condition, can activate the anxiety response and perpetuate that activation very effectively and sometimes over years or decades.

Over the 17 years of practice and the 160,000 plus people who have benefited from our work, both through the home learning program and through our Retreats and Workshops, we have learned the most effective route to complete and permanent anxiety elimination. Not coping strategies or anxiety management – total recovery.